3 Easy and Quick Steps Replace the Radiator Coolant

- Within tens of thousands of kilometers, coolant / coolant water conditions will be less than optimal in the cooling process. Therefore periodically replace the radiator water to keep the engine working at optimal temperatures. Turnover time is different depending on the characteristics of the machine. However it is better if turnover time is set for example per 20,000 km on the car, and 15,000 km on a motorcycle. The purpose of the turn is that the channels on the radiator are not clogged by dirt, where if the channel is automatically blocked the cooling process is not maximal. Step replace the coolant water Substitution of water radiator is quite easy and can be done alone at home if there is time of course. Starting from.. The first step opens the radiator cap and the cooling water discharge bolt. Before making the change process, check and make sure the machine is cool, if it is still hot water can make the hand injured heavily. If the lid and bolts are open then turn on the machine, the goal is that the water radiator is wasted all. Sure the cooling water has run out and then close the cooling water discharge bolt earlier and turn off the engine. The second step, if there is a wind scrap bolt then open the bolt then pour new cooling water until the water overflows through the scrap bolt earlier and close the bolt again. After that turn the engine back on and leave it until the temperature needle on the speedometer shows half. If the volume of cooling water is still visible or dehydrated to the maximum limit of cooling water and reattach the top cover of the radiator. Do not forget to put it back. The third step, do not forget also to replace the cooling water reserves in the reservoir tank. Piss and clean and refill. Remember when filling not too full and not too little. Or better just at the limit. There it is 3 easy steps in replacing your own water radiator at home. May be useful.

This article is written in Indonesian and I translate into English using google translate. For that we apologize if there is a mistake in writing. thank you for visiting.

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